about engas australasia

engas australasia was incorporated as a company in 2010. The directors and shareholders perceived an opportunity to offer products that would help the environment and substantially reduce energy consumption costs for air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

engas australasia assists companies in reducing their refrigeration and air conditioning energy consumption costs by 15% to 54% (depending on the application). This also reduces their carbon footprint by converting air conditioning and refrigeration equipment to operate on environmentally friendly hydrocarbon refrigerants.

engas hydrocarbon refrigerants are an alternative replacement for chemical refrigerants in most air conditioning and refrigerant equipment.

The application of engas hydrocarbon refrigerants can be undertaken correctly and safely by adhering to the Australian Standard AS 1677 - 1998 as well as the international standards set and followed by the European countries.

engas hydrocarbon blended refrigerants have been developed by Mr Selwyn Wallace and Dr Ladas Taylor over the past 16 years.

engas now manufactures and distributes engas hydrocarbon refrigerants throughout the Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Australasia regions. engas provides associated technical and application engineering services.

our vision

Our Vision is to rapidly grow our business through our understanding of the needs of consumers in diverse markets. We believe they require superior energy efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerants for their homes and businesses.

our mission

Our mission is to make climate friendly and energy efficient cooling and heating technology available to all in a safe, reliable and cost effective manner.

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